JK from http://www.maschinetutorials.com/ shows us round the new Maschine 2.0 arranger update which is available for all users of Maschine and Mikro Maschine. He shows us how to use the new arranger to add patterns to your songs, and how to duplicate scenes properly so patterns don’t conflict with each other in song mode.

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About Maschine 2 Arranger

Maschine adapts to your workflow. 16 ultra-sensitive pads deliver classic groovebox feel with tons of power on tap. Get full velocity control, pad link, advanced note repeat, plus swing controls for sounds, groups, and the global project. Color-code your sounds and see your entire sonic palette at a glance.

A clip-based pattern sequencer with full visual feedback means your ideas come together fast. See the full pattern in Maschine’s left display while the right display follows your work with precision detail. Edit patterns, nudge notes, change velocity, and more with 8 display knobs, dedicated edit buttons, and Maschine Studio’s jog wheel without ever looking at a computer screen.

An ultra-powerful step sequencer gives you another way to sculpt your grooves to perfection. Drop in sounds precisely where you want them and automate pitch, volume, LFO or any other parameter per step for incredibly intricate and musical results in record time.

Key Maschine 2 Features
  • Audio engine and multicore support
  • Sidechaining and unlimited groups support
  • Improved user interface
  • New set of Maschine Drum Synths
  • New Pro Mixer console, with improved layout
  • Improved Sampling features
  • Tag Based virtual browser support
  • Extended Core Library