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Smokers Delight
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Genre: Hip-Hop

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and Urban Archive

  • Smokers Delight
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With Smokers Delight you get loads of funky & dubby basses, jazzy horns & flutes, mellow guitars, vintage wurlitzers & rhodes, hiphop beats & cracklin' breaks. Possibly all you need to create that weed smokin', head-spinning, chill-out monster you always dreamed of. All of the samples and loops, a total of over 2200 .WAV and over 960 REX2 files, are intelligently grouped.

Samples, loops, rex2 loops, drums, etc. All mixed/sorted for you to get things started fast. Loads of MPC & turntable phrases, bass riffs, horns, flutes, guitar licks, beats and & breaks.

Every loop in three different versions: the MPC programmed loop, the full loop and the live break. All versions can be used separately or you can build your own version/mix by layering the MPC with the Break - in perfect sync! But things to not stop here: also provided are the separate elements in every Drum-Loop-Pac: the kick loop, the snare loop, the hihat loop, the break loop, etc. All to help you mix, EQ & compress it all to your own personal compound.

A classic folder of MPC & Turntable manipulated, old school hiphop samples - gritty, funky and vibey.

  • 2200+ wav loops & samples
  • 960+ REX2 loops
  • Song kits with various versions of loops
  • Instrument riffs, licks and phrases

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