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About Bangbox

BangBox is your source for truly authentic hip hop and EDM groove construction kits for NI Maschine, Ableton 9/Push and Reason Kong. Each bangbox is carefully constructed with a specific genre-based theme and crafted with care and attention to detail, to make sure you have a truly professional and authoritative sound selection for your production work in specific niche genres. With 16 pads in each kit, assigned with well thought out complimentary kicks, snares, hats, fx, percussion and instrument hits, each lovingly honed to provide an immaculate array of dependable and style accurate single hits, making believable beats becomes a breeze.

The focus is on creating playable kits that get to the heart of a particular musical style, every bangbox provides immediate access to hundreds of hand crafted single hits that give your groove that sought after legitimate feel.

Every bangbox is specifically tailored to each software format: The Native instruments Maschine version features extensive, inbuilt ADSR and Choke Grip option programming. The Reason Kong kit version is an accurate reproduction of the Maschine version. The Ableton/Push version features fully assigned drum rack versions, each with highly detailed macro mapping and in-built Aux effects processing to provide extensive real time control over the sounds. Plus multi-mix kits for fast sound layering and beat creation.

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