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Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Cinematic

  • Robostep
  • Demo Sample 01
  • Demo Sample 02
  • Demo Sample 03
  • Demo Sample 04
  • Demo Sample 05
  • Demo Sample 06
  • Demo Sample 07
  • Demo Sample 08
  • Demo Sample 09
  • Demo Sample 10

Create stunning special effects sequences that will leave people thinking "How did they do THAT?!" with Robostep: an advanced, movie-quality FX library for Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Breakbeat and Game Audio.

Push Button Bang raises the sound design stakes yet again with these futuristic royalty-free SFX: cinematic, sci-fi sounds that will have you wondering if the Transformers themselves were in the recording booth.

Robostep contains the perfect FX elements for dark and deformed robot-style movements, drops and breakdowns: high-tension impacts, metallic creaks, machine bends, laser explosions, bass cannons and digital drills, rolls and grinds.

Beam up the sounds of alien technology, monster machinery and demonic robotics with over 400 24-bit WAV files, all meticulously processed, key-mapped to their root-notes and divided into easy-access folders.

The samples have been engineered to work individually as 'finishing touches' or in combination, so you can quickly and simply layer them to build insanely mutated, morphing mechanics, warps, uplifts and transformations. And as they're all royalty-free you can slot them straight into your music, game or broadcast project without having to worry about any additional licencing fees.

The separate Ableton Live (8.2+) pack features all WAV clip versions plus 10 bespoke Remix Racks with pitch manipulation controls that will help you engineer astonishing sounds and sequences in seconds.

Turn up the intensity on your tracks with Robostep: a crucial SFX resource for the pioneering producer.

  • 24 Bit quality
  • 350Mb


  • 20 Bass Cannons
  • 10 Drills
  • 10 Grinds
  • 30 Hydraulic Movements
  • 40 Impacts
  • 20 Lasers and Cannons
  • 50 Machine Mutations
  • 30 Monster FX
  • 10 Roll FX
  • 10 shut Downs
  • 10 Start Ups
  • 15 Switches
  • 60 Tonal Hits
  • 55 Transforming Robotic FX
  • 50 Wipes and Builds
  • Ableton Live 8.2+ pack features all Wav clips plus 10 remix Racks with pitch manipulation controls

Ableton Live 8.2+ pack available seperately

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Bassbin Twins
A prime collection of audio ninja throwing stars.


Really complex & well recorded


Tom Middleton
Want transforming, warping and mutating robots, plus massive, dramatic, cinematic/game/sci-fi impacts, zaps and hydraulic sfx? This is the one!


Lenny Dee
Push Button Bang does it again ! This is a totally fierce effects pack which had a lo offer in terms of sonic depth and usability.



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