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Gabba Riff
16 users

Genre: Hard Dance

Additional Styles: Bass and Synths

  • Gabba Riff
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Industrial Strength goes back in time yet again to supply you with more then enough Gabba Riffs to keep the party going. So get your glow sticks and whistles out again cause the fun is about to start.

Gabba Riff was made to celebrate 20 years of hardcore music in the true spirit of the 90's hardcore Gabba rave style!

The pack is loaded with license free banging old school Hardcore Riff 's all set across one octave to deliver a wide range of possibilities when using the samples.

All the samples in this pack are formatted in Apple loops for totally ease of use. The riff loops are clearly labeled and keyed so you can easily use them.

Each set of Gabba Riffs and bass lines were made across 3 tempos to fit with perfectly Gabba 909. The temps are 170,180 and 200 Bpm. When using both packs together you can create that old school Gabba rave sound in no time flat. A match made in hell!!

Gabba Riff was created with loads of analog keyboards from the ISR studios and all the riff's and baselines were run thru the same Sound Craft desk we used back in the 90's to give this pack that true Gabba feeling and sound.

All the samples  were even recorded to a Tascam Dat machine and transferred to our CPU. You can't get much more old school then that!

The pack contains 500 mb of fast riff's and chunky bass lines that are great for U.K. Hardcore, Happy Hardcore and up tempo Gabba music.

If your looking for Dirty analog old school hardcore riffs to take you back to the days of old,  there is no need to look any where else.  Gabba Riff is Ruffa and Tuffa.  There is no other!  We had to throw that in!

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 502MB


  • 1121 Apple Loops
  • 70 170BPM Bass Loops
  • 320 170BPM Synth Loops
  • 97 180BPM Bass Loops
  • 322 180BPM Synth Loops
  • 70 200BPM Bass Loops
  • 245 200BPM Synth Loops

Please note:  this is an Apple Loops product only, no wav files are included

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