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Tony Mason - Steamin'
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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Drums and Urban Archive

  • Tony Mason - Steamin'
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Following on from the hugely successful "Smokin'" Tony's back and this is one sequel that won't disappoint. Tony's built on the success of his first library including all the style and subtlety that made Smokin' such a hit - but adding new scope with the inclusion of triggered drum sounds offering a much wider palette of sounds for you to utilize. This is something special, but don't take our word for it, hear it for yourself.

Tony's first sample library, ...Smokin', was extremely highly rated by many good judges. It offered something not available anywhere else - it had it's own unique sound. Steamin' confirms Tony's status and builds his reputation further. With credits including Gabrielle, Ronnie Jordan, Al Green, Mary-J Blige, Incognito, Matt Bianco, Fine Young Cannibals, George Michael, and many more you would expect something special, and this library is certainly that.

Review Highlights

"...this is a selection of smokin' laid back grooves. They are mainly variations around the old swingbeat bum ba-bum-bum b bum tss bum type thing, all superbly played and recorded, of course... Some (from tracks 21 onwards) with excellent fills and hits could make superb drum 'n' bass loops if spliced and speeded up, but it's really the swing-back thangs of hip hop, trip hop and hopscotch (er) that benefit from Smokin'... Those after the `real' drum sound will like Smokin'. For the rest, MIDI files of these excellent loops might be in order." - Future Music.

"He's metronomically accurate, but his subtly varied off-the-beat placement is complex, organic, and dead funky... Furthermore, Mason excels at crafting patterns that are hip and detailed without sounding contrived - there are few cliches here... No matter how electronic Mason gets, he never sounds mechanical. The triggered loops tend to feel almost as human as the purely acoustic ones." - Keyboard (USA)

"This CD features the crispest live drums and percussion played by the maestro... The sound of the drums involved are second to none - these are live drums at their best." - Knowledge

"I've been reviewing sample CDs quite a bit recently and although many have had much to recommend them, none has satisfied my own particular personal thirst for a specific kind of sample - until now...Steamin' is over an hour of very pure, very funky drum loops. They have been played with that lived in feel that makes you groove the moment you hear them and you only get from twenty years practicing playing the drums...What can I say, this is the best sample CD I've ever heard, buy it and never run out of breakbeats." - DJ Magazine

  • 16 Bit Quality
  • 520MB


  • 24 Drum Fills
  • 28 Hat and Snare Grooves
  • 531 Real Deal Drum Loops
  • 9 Cool Down Drum Loops
  • 145 Trigger Happy Drum Loops
  • 6 Buzz snare Hits
  • 8 crash Cymbal Hits
  • 9 Long Cymbal Rolls
  • 8 Ride Hits
  • 10 Side Stick Hits
  • 4 Splash Cymbal Hits
  • 12 Hat Hits
  • 16 Kick Hits
  • 28 Snare Hits
  • 8 Tom Hits
  • 710 Rex2 Files
  • Tempos ranging from 58-130bpm

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