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Drums For The Big Screen
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Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Percussion, Rock, World, FX, and Cinematic


One Shots


Sampler Patches

BPM: 100 - 180

  • Drums For The Big Screen
  • Demo Loop 01
  • Demo Loop 02
  • Demo Loop 03
  • Demo Loop 04
  • Demo Loop 05
  • Demo Loop 06
  • Demo Loop 07
  • Demo Loop 08
  • Demo Loop 09
  • Demo Loop 10

Hollywood Loops is proud to present Drums for the big screen, the perfect sample collection for any producer needing huge atmosheric fueled rhythm tracks for film scores, ambient metal and big room rock.

Featuring: Big room Tom Loops, resonant Metallic Loops, high impact Cymbal Loops, Tribal Percussion Loops, and cinematic One-Shots. Tempos ranging from 100 to 180 BPM, All the loops can be combined to create imense backing tracks adding drama to any production, sample the hard hitting sound of Big Screen Drums now!

Formatted in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops, REX2 and full Kontakt 5 layouts for the utmost in performance and time stretching. This pack also contains the exact MIDI files for almost all the loops for complete flexibility and customizing.

Add the exact percussion element, or combine performances and sounds to create as many different soundscapes as possible, and in any time signature and tempo.

  • 1.25GB


  • 50 Tom Loops
  • 50 Cymbal Loops
  • 50 Metallic Loops
  • 50 Ethnic Percussion Loops
  • 50 Big One Shot Hits
  • Midi Files
  • Rex2 Files

Also available as Apple Loops

Kontakt 3.5+ Format contains:

  • 713MB
  • Full Kontakt Layouts of all Loops and One Shots for perfomance and timestretching

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