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Real Strings Vol.4 - Hip Hop
67 users AWARD

Genre: Strings

Additional Styles: Hip-Hop, Grime, RnB, Urban, and Cinematic

  • Real Strings Vol.4 - Hip Hop
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Organic Loops and Loopmasters are proud to present the 4th in this series of highly acclaimed String releases, which sees Pete Whitfield return for another incredible collection of highly versatile real string samples this time full of Urban Flava! - suitable for producers of Hip Hop, RnB and Modern Urban Productions.

Real Strings 4 - HipHop is the brand new sample pack of quality scored string ensembles by Pete Whitfield. These authentic samples were recorded in Pete's studio where he records real strings for major labels, TV companies and radio/media companies as a highly sought after arranger, in fact the strings for Kanye West’s Track, To The World were recorded by Pete and so you can guarantee you are in for a treat with Real Strings Vol4 Hip Hop.

Now is your chance to ditch those cheesy keyboard workstation string sounds and drop the real deal into your productions, with every nuance and feel that comes from a live performance, these string samples will raise your productions and give you hands on control of powerful, emotive String ensembles that could launch you into the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame!

Recorded in 24Bit 44.1 KHz, at tempos between 75-100BPM in Minor and Modal keys to maximise emotion. Each file is tempo, and key labelled with extra descriptions including things like flowing, pizz, pulsing, rhythm, riff, bold, simple, disco, classical etc. Loops are also identified as 'full' or stripped down versions - 'high' or 'low'.

In the Pack Not only do you get a folder of Full ensembles with two stripped back versions of each loop, you also get a folder of phrases including things like arps, endings, intro’s, swells and more, plus you get all the Scores in MIDI, PDF and Sibelius versions.

In Detail expect to find 249 Full Loops, 72 Phrase Loops, 321 Rex2 Files 12 MIDI Files, 12 PDF Scores and 12 Sibelius Scores.

The 'Real Strings' collection has the ability to connect to the soul with bona fide honesty and is guaranteed to make your productions come alive. See the other Real String volumes and the feedback they have been getting to make sure you know that you are getting only the very best quality libraries from Loopmasters every time.

Format Options Explained:

  • Zip(main) format includes Acidised Wav and Rex2 Loops
  • Apple Loops format includes Apple Loops and Rex2 Loops
  • 716MB
  • 24Bit Quality
  • 249 Full Loops
  • 72 Phrase Loops
  • 321 Rex2
  • 12 MIDI Files
  • 12 PDF Scores
  • 12 Sibelius Scores

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Davide Carbone
These guys have consistently produced packs containing really high quality recordings and great composition and this one is no exception


London Elektricity
Great for d&b as well as hip hop


Demarkus Lewis
Amazing carefully crafted sounds with plenty of variation and creative combinations.


Beautifully scored and stunningly recorded, we were very pleasantly surprised by this incredible collection of string compositions.



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