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Dubstep Soul
22 users

Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles:


BPM: 140 - 140

  • Dubstep Soul
  • Demo Loop 01
  • Demo Loop 02
  • Demo Loop 03
  • Demo Loop 04
  • Demo Loop 05

Did you just say dubstep and soul in the same sentence? I sure did baby boy, stop crying and put your trousers back on its time to inject a bit of music into the wub wub.

Lovely luscious chords, silky soft synths and magical melodies, dubstep soul is here to lay you down gentle by the fire and make the sweet sweet love to you.

All the loops you will need to slather some musicality over the cold, harsh wobbles and evil synths.

If you imagine a romantic dinner round the sadly late, Barry Whites. You've just finished his magnificent desert selection and he's slipped into something a little more comfortable. Well this is that something!

Hit that demo and lets get it on.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 463MB
  • 51 Music Loops
  • 48 Drum Loops
  • 35 Bass Loops
  • 10 Evolving Pad Beds
  • 20 FX
  • 10 Vocal Loops

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