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Cinematic FX
72 users AWARD

Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, FX, House, and Techno

One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 80 - 180

  • Cinematic FX
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The red carpet has been rolled out and VIP tickets have been issued to all our Loopmasters customers as we invite you all to the premiere of Cinematic FX, a digitally enhanced sample collection dedicated to high impact floor shuddering sound FX as heard in the big budget Hollywood productions.

Produced exclusively  for Loopmasters, this jaw dropping sonic palette has everything you need to take your soundtracks to the next level, nuke the drop with jet explosions, cinematic bombs and synthetic impacts, set the scene with mysterious textures and drones, accentuate transitions with whooshes, heavy metal doppler FX and crank sweeps and then add some extra ear candy with flanged hits, drum slams, data flares, short circuit FX and vocal swells.

This sample collection is a goldmine for cutting edge underground producers and will be especially useful in productions of Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro as well being an incredible source of sounds for anyone making soundtracks or more experimental music.

Expect to find Over 400Mb of sounds including Complex Hits, Fly-past Engine Noises, Sweeping Whooshes, Heavy Weight Explosions, Metallic Rattles, Grinding Crunches, Orchestral Drones, Dark Ambiences and Sci-Fi FX.

In Detail: 443Mb, 24Bit 44.1Khz wav files, 8 Complex Hits, 11 Drum Slams, 12 Cinematic FX, 5 Flange Hits, 8 Jet Explosions, 14 Synthetic Impacts, 7 Wreckage Hits, 10 Data Flares, 5 Pharmacopeia Noises, 9 Short Circuit Sounds, 32 Textures and Drones, 41 Whooshes and Sweeps, 6 Crank Sweeps, 4 Dry Swishes, 12 Heavy Metal Doppler FX and 3 Vocal Swells.

This collection of copyright-free samples is guaranteed to add drama to your productions, widening the stereo field with huge doppler effects then decimating the low end with subtones to die for, captivating listeners with otherworldly, never heard before sounds.

Grab yourself a hot dog, crank up the volume, sit back relax and prepare for the first ever screening of Cinematic FX.

  • 443Mb,
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz wav files,
  • 8 Complex Hits,
  • 11 Drum Slams,
  • 12 Cinematic FX,
  • 5 Flange Hits
  • 8 Jet Explosions
  • 14 Synthetic Impacts
  • 7 Wreckage Hits
  • 10 Data Flares
  • 5 Pharmacopeia Noises
  • 9 Short Circuit Sounds
  • 32 Textures and Drones
  • 41 Whooshes and Sweeps
  • 6 Crank Sweeps
  • 4 Dry Swishes
  • 12 Heavy Metal Doppler FX
  • 3 Vocal Swells
  • 4 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

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Need For Mirrors
I need to check vol2 asap. Sci-fi heaven...


Tom Middleton
Quality, easy to find, pragmatic solutions to cover many genres and styles..for 'go to' sound effects and sound design if you want to add that Cinematic dimension and impact to your productions. A very useful 'must buy.'


High Rankin
Really great to give your stuff a more organic feel and additional depth.


Axel Karakasis
Jet explosions, textures and drones, whooshes and sweeps among my favs so far, so thumbs up for this collection. Highly recommended.

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Cinematic FX Review at Future Music Mag



Disregard the word 'Cinematic' and this 400MB collection successfully fulfils its...




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