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Progressive House Drummer 2
23 users

Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Electro House, Progressive House, and Techno

We're back with another progressive house monster, and this one rocks big time! Progressive House Drummer 2 delves further into the progressive house and main room house sound delivering an obliterating collection of drum sounds, drum fx and percussion that will simply blow your mind. Edging on the slighter tougher and darker side this drum sound collection fits perfectly with it's original sister. The range this time is has been tweaked to offer a broader, pushy drum kit array with the anticipation and drive cranked to 11. Totalling 306 progressive house drum sounds all folder'd, clearly named and tag'd means these drum sounds are super easy to use, it's the way we deliver all our samples and at 24 bit the clarity these bad boys sparkle like no other!

We love our job so much here at Zenhiser and releasing drum kits like this puts a huge smile on our face, it's the sound of Zenhiser and we f*ckin love it! Don't be fooled by the name though, this progressive house drum kit is perfect for Main Room, Electro House, Techno and just about everything in between.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 114MB


  • 30 Clap Samples
  • 10 Cymbal Samples
  • 06 Drum Fills
  • 10 Drum FX
  • 10 Atmosphere FX
  • 05 Riser FX
  • 30 Open Hi Hats
  • 30 Closed Hi Hats
  • 60 Kick Samples
  • 10 Sub Kick Samples
  • 60 Percussion Samples
  • 10 Ride Samples
  • 29 Snare Samples

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