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ZENFX Presents - Transformer FX 2
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Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Cinematic

After the incredible success of Transformer FX we had no choice but to go back in the studio and come up with a follow up sample pack that would freak the living sh*t out of you. It's taken 4 months to make Transformer FX2 and we loved every single minute of making it, spine tingly moments with the studio speakers cranked up, a symphony of "Hell Yeah's" every couple of hours when we hit the jackpot of sound manipulation and a big smile each morning realising today in the studio was all about experimentation and fun. Honestly Transformer FX2 was the highlight in the Zenhiser studio for this year and knowing this is the biggest monster of a fx sample pack you will ever hear makes us super happy.

So what's so big about these fx sounds? Well we designed them harder, faster, more intricate and robotic tastic than ever before. We've created new robotic categories that haven't been done before, bigger hits, blasts, power downs, power ups, robotic mutations, ricochets, robotic vocal manipulation, fly by's and a whole lot more. We've crammed in 630 transformer fx sounds, all new, all fresh and all ready to used in multiple areas including TV / Film / Cinematic Compositions and of course Music Productions and Remixes. To keep up with the trends all the ZenFX samples have been made in 24 bit 96khz stereo and foldered for easy use and compatibility, this ensures the audio quality is second to none on all the fx sounds. We spent a long time not only creating these fx masterpieces but also mastering them to a whole new level.

  • 24 Bit 96khz
  • 852MB


  • 35 Power Hits
  • 10 Soundscape Hits
  • 15 Power Downs
  • 10 Power Ups
  • 20 Reverses
  • 60 Robot Fire, Punches, Ricochets & Hits
  • 15 Robot Fly By Fx
  • 45 Robot Mutate 1 Samples
  • 50 Robot Mutate 2 Samples
  • 40 Robot Mutate 3 Samples
  • 215 Robot Transform Multis
  • 105 Robot Transform Singles
  • 25 Robotic Voices

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