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Kick Factory

Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Instruments

Sampler patches

One Shot Samples

  • Kick Factory
  • Demo 02

In a world with a million kick samples finding the perfect personalised kick sound, one that fits your track and is unique to you is still just about impossible, until now... enter Kick Factory. Designed to offer you an almost unlimited palette of kick sounds that are tweakable in intuitive and creative ways. Kick Factory gives you the power to make your drum sounds your own, and no one elses.

Select any two of the 95 multi-sampled Kick drums, mix their levels, phase invert them if needed, retune them, even radical amounts downwards for that real sub-sub, or upwards to make your kick into snares or hats!  Next add EQ, and transient shaping, then a compressor. Finally add up to two room, or special effects convolution processors, the possibilities are nearly endless.  All contained in a single user-friendly interface in Kontakt 5+. You'll nail that one-off kick sound for sure...

  • Kontakt 5+ Instrument
  • 53.6MB


  • Kontakt 5+ Instrument
  • 95 Kick Drum Multisamples
  • 768 Total Samples

Please Note:  You will need the Full Kontakt 5+ to use this Instrument

This Kontakt Instrument contains Kick Samples only, other sounds you hear in the demos are for illustration purposes only

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