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Grid Machine River

Genre: House

Additional Styles: Percussion, Electro, and Kontakt Instruments


Sampler patches

Grid Machine//River, is an innovative phrase player for Kontakt 5+. River comes with over 160 multi-sampled percussion instruments and provides users with an innovative new approach to the creation of percussion tracks and loops. 8 streams each playing a user-defined three-part phrase contribute to unique new and poly-rhythmic output.

Easy to use and creative River is a new approach to developing your own percussion and rhythmic output. Designed to have users up and running with whole new tracks within minutes and providing endless variations and possibilities with just a few mouse clicks River can be controlled and played using the included key-switch system.

  • Kontakt 5 Instrument
  • 65.9MB


  • Kontakt 5+ Instrument using custom scripting
  • 117 Percussion Sounds
  • 44 River Presets
  • 02 Drum Presets

Please ensure you have the latest Full version of Kontakt, this Instrument will not work with the Kontakt Free Player

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