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Dubstep Fills & Drops
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Genre: Dubstep

Additional Styles: FX


One Shot Samples

BPM: 140 - 140

  • Dubstep Fills & Drops
  • Demo Loop 01
  • Demo Loop 02
  • Demo Loop 03
  • Demo Loop 04
  • Demo Loop 05
  • Demo Loop 06
  • Demo Loop 07
  • Demo Loop 08
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  • Demo Loop 10

Meet our latest release "Dubstep Fills & Drops" This groundbreaking pack contains over 852 MB of fills, tension-builders, falls, rises, impacts and layered FX. From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge hits and epic crashes, this collection has everything you need to spice up your track is right in here!

Included are over 250 professional Drum, Fx and Melody-Fills all sorted in lengths (2Bars, 4Bars, 8Bars, 16Bars etc...) and key - it makes it easier, faster to use. From simple white noise risers to explosive drops, chest-thumping impacts to big snare fills - it' s got everything you need. Great bunch of melodic and combi fills which are full of effects with musical bits as well.. The fills are in 140 BPM and worked out to the smallest details to allow you the ability to directly insert them into your tracks. 

Perfect for an epic breakdown, to fill empty space, to get experimental or just to add the last missing ingredient to the mix.

In detail "Dubstep Fills & Drops" includes 150 Buildups and 100 Breakdowns. Breakdowns are foldered as 10 Breakdown Pads, 15 Crash Fx, 25 Downshifters, 40 Impacts and 10 Misc Fx. Buildups are foldered as 5 Combi Fills, 30 Drum & Fx Fills, 35 Melody Fills, 20 Snare Fills, 10 Kick Fills, 25 Fx Fills and 25 Uplifters. All of them were prepared for serious producers who want to build shocking tension in their tracks, using the best sound effects which are included in this product.

Whether you are making Dubstep, DnB, Trap, Glitch-Hop, Electro or other forms of electronic music, this collection is a great starter point for new inspiration or for adding a hook to your track.

Get ready to get blown away at your studio with this one!

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 852MB


  • Breakdowns:
  • 10 Breakdown Pads
  • 15 Crash Fx
  • 25 Downshifters
  • 40 Impacts
  • 10 Misc Fx
  • Buildups:
  • 05 Combi Fills
  • 30 Drum & FX Fills
  • 25 FX Fills
  • 10 Kick Fills
  • 35 Melody Fills
  • 20 Snare Fills
  • 25 Uplifters

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Jason Nevins
Once again Famous Audio delivers the goods. These are not ordinary fills & drops- these are fully processed with loads of effects built on top of each other to give you a dynamic sound.

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