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Manicdrummer_rct i
Manic Drummer
12 users

Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Breaks


BPM: 140 - 174

Need a live drummer that can go absolutely mental? Do you make Breaks, Dubstep, Drumstep or Drum & Bass? Well if you've answered yes then we have just made your dreams come true, we locked up one of our drum producers, filled him full of Red Bull and other synthetics & what he delivered is an outstanding collection of full on live drum loops, processed to f*ck beats and a huge array of drum fills that will make any track sound awesome.

Totalling 480 beats and drum fills this is a one stop shop for all your live drums. There's two different bpm's of live drum beats & fills, 140bpm & 174bpm which means all the genre's that need this type of funky ass drummer madness are covered, Drumstep, Dubstep, Hardcore Breaks, Drum & Bass and just about every sub genre in between.

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 663MB


  • 120 140BPM Drum Fills
  • 120 174BPM Drum Fills
  • 60 140BPM Live Loops
  • 60 174BPM Live Loops
  • 60 140BPM Processed Loops
  • 60 174BPM Processed Loops

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