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Modern Main Room Kicks
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Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Electro House, Fidget House, House, and Techno

  • Modern Main Room Kicks
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Push button bang present the perfect solution for modern main room kicks, recreating the sought after current kick sound currently pounding the clubs of europe, arming you with hundreds of variations for easily creating your own huge, main stage signature sounds.

The kicks have been hand crafted to be instantly usable in modern main room house, techno, hard style and more.

The collection uses well shaped hard, attack transients on the initial clicks, combined huge variety of saturated tails from subtle to the extreme. These elements are guaranteed to get your kick drum right in the mix and give your track the strong foundation it deserves.

The content is divided as follows:

Code style kicks  
Kicks that sound similar to those found in productions such as "The Code" and "Thunder".

Dynamic main room kicks
Many variations on the typical main room modern european kick sound, each featuring individual dynamics and compression. 

Hardstyle fx layer kicks

Harder versions with experimental saturation, for sound design and interesting cuts.

Stereo Mid-hi kicks
These kicks are MONO up to around 2 kHz, with the mid hi range affected with subtle forms of stereo processing and saturation.

The effect is unique and produces experimental spectrums that can be used to create a new very different, signature kick sound. 

We believe you should be concentrating on creative song production, safe in the knowledge your bass drums are built on the solid, detailed sound design needed to produce high quality modern kicks. Modern Main room style kicks is guaranteed to give you the edge and help shape your track into a modern main room hit.

Please Note: This sample pack contains Kick Samples only, other sounds within the Demo Song are from the following Push Button Bang titles:

  • 24 Bit quality
  • 12MB


  • 180 Kick Drum Samples
  • 30 Code Style Kicks
  • 90 Dynamic Main Room Kicks
  • 30 Hardstyle Fx Layer Kicks
  • 30 "Stereo Mid Hi" Kicks

Please Note:  This sample pack contains Kick Samples only, other sounds within the Demo Song are from the following Push Button Bang titles:

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Matteo DiMarr
Full and up front sounding ...It's what you need for your own tracks!


Huge collection of very strong kicks, really like those distorted versions which fits well to my new tracks - some kind of fusion of Big Room and Hard Style.

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