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ZenFx Presents - Movie Impacts
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Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Cinematic

Zenhiser's back with another thought evoking collection of sound fx for Music, Film, TV & Games. This time we're delving into Movie Impact FX whist going deeper and further than ever before. Comprising of multiple sections, dedicated to specific impact fx this sample pack is a wealth of sonic perfection, with just over 490 perfectly crafted Movie Impact FX you will be amazed at just how big this fx collection is. Every fx sound has been designed from the ground up and delivers that high end quality you know & would expect from Zenhiser.

Starting with anticipation fx sounds these pivotal samples give that sense of coming with drive, clarity and precision. Next up is a great array of broken impact sounds followed by complex fx that transform and morph before your very ears! The Deep Low collection is one of our favourites with low end rumblers that cascade for ages and drive the bottom end. Distort does exactly what it needs to, pushing Movie Impact FX to their sonic limits. Fancy something you've never heard before, then check out Experimental & Stutter, want a massive impact and statement, then look no further than the Explosive section. Honestly we could go on & on describing every section in Movie Impacts but trust us when we say, they are all as good as each other with the amount of man hours we spent in the studio creating something that could be used in both the latest movie blockbuster and the hardest hitting Dubstep track of today was pretty impressive.

  • 24 Bit 96khz Quality
  • 2.43GB


  • 22 Anticipation Impacts
  • 16 Broken Impacts
  • 15 Complex Impacts
  • 68 Deep Low Impacts
  • 10 Distort Impacts
  • 25 Experimental & Stutter Impacts
  • 31 Explosive Impacts
  • 20 FX Impacts
  • 38 Impacts
  • 35 Metal Impacts
  • 53 Object Impacts
  • 40 Out of this World Impacts
  • 60 Robotic Impacts
  • 5 Scary Impacts
  • 30 Sci Fi Impacts
  • 26 Thud Impacts

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