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Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1
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Genre: Complextro

Additional Styles: Dubstep, Electro, and Fidget House

PLEASE NOTE: This template requires Logic Pro 9+ only and no other software is required. This template is compatible with Logic Pro X.

This really is a truly awesome slab of Complextro production in a MIDI Construction Template for Logic Pro ready for you to tear up and give it your own hell-raising stamp. Kicking off with an anthemic array of pads and synths, don’t be fooled by the sublime. What goes up…must come down, and after the epic drop in this template, hold on to your internal organs, the bass is here. With a super rawness and grit that will make you feel like you are gnawing on a rough rock with a bloodied, broken tooth, this is heads down time, no looking up and you are initiated into the sound of Tempa and have your chance to tame this beast into your own individual chunk of Complextro.

Utilising the full-throttle power of Logic Pro’s in-built Instruments and Effects, the baselines are made up of a combination of EXS24 samples, ES1 and ES2 custom patches and they are seriously heavy-weight speaker-shakers! EQ has been placed on all of the drums and they are also compressed to give you a crisp, razor sharp, cutting edge sound. Two sidechain kicks are also set up each with unique settings: one for the main section (drums, baselines, synths) and one for the drop (synths, fx etc.) Instructions are given on how to add the sidechain to any new tracks that are created.

This template masterfully demonstrates the arrangement structure of a Complextro track. You can easily navigate around the main Arrangement Screen and see ‘what is where’ as everything is colour coded in to specific types of instruments and sounds. Plus, you won’t have to fiddle around with loading samples or patches either, simply open the template in Logic Pro and you are ready to start sculpting your own Complextro track.

The great thing about all of the Clicksound MIDI Construction Templates is that all of the main elements such as drums, basslines and lead synth tracks are set up as MIDI and not bounced down as audio. This means that you can go in to each track and change any part of the structure or sound. Each MIDI track can be edited, rearranged, pitched to any key, slowed-down, sped-up, in fact you can change it in any way you want to - there are no rules and no limitations.

By adding effects and compression to each of the main instrument tracks, Tempa truly creates a distinctive sound with an in-line rack of EQ, Bit-Crusher, Compression and Reverb that is then fed through the Sidechain kick via the Compressor. The result is a blow-by-blow sonic assault, perfect for those wanting to try out the most debauched of the Complextro styles. All of this however, is completely customisable so you can make each sound a slave to the most intimate of your sound desires.

Automation is pre-configured on the main tracks such as basslines, lead synths, pads and effects, however, you can easily get in there and change things around, tweaking to your particular taste or musical tendencies.

The mastering channel for this template takes advantage of Logic Pro’s superb built-in dynamics plug-ins such as EQ, Multiband Compression and Adaptive Limiting. This all results in a clear, loud, well-balanced and professional sounding mix. Again, you can tweak any of the settings on the mastering to fit your own sound or preferred style.

Utilising Logic Pro’s Notes, we have included all the template relevant information such as bus settings and automation details. This is very useful, for example; if you want to see which channels contain automation, just click on the Notes tab and all the information is there. Plus, to make things even easier we have set up 5 Logic Pro Screensets so you can quickly navigate between pages such as the Arrangement Screen and Mixer Screen.

Unlocking your creative genius has never been so easy with the help of Clicksound’s MIDI Construction Templates. With the lock and load simplicity of each template, plus the highest of music production standards, you will quickly be discovering your new music horizons.

Plugins used:
EXS24 Sampler
ES1 Synth
ES2 Synth

Use your numeric keypad to activate the screen-sets below. This will show different pages such as the arrangement page and mixer.

Under The Hood:
6 Drum and Percussion Tracks
14 Main Bass Tracks
4 Synth Leads
9 Effects Tracks
2 Separate Sidechain Kick Tracks

Tech Specs & Info:
Logic Pro 9 MIDI Construction Template
Compatible with Logic Pro X
35 Track Complextro Arrangement
129 BPM
This templates does not require any third party software
Download Size: 16MB
All associated samples and file are included in the download

Clicksound – One Click, Complete Control.

  • Logic Pro 9 MIDI Template
  • 16MB


  • 1 Logic Pro 9 MIDI Construction Template


  • 6 Drum and Percussion Tracks
  • 14 Main Bass Tracks
  • 4 Synth Leads
  • 9 Effects Tracks
  • 2 Separate Sidechain Kick Tracks
  • 129BPM
  • All associated samples and files are included in the download

PLEASE NOTE: This template requires Logic Pro 9+ only and no other software is required. This template is compatible with Logic Pro X.

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