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EDM Snares & Claps
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Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: EDM, Electro, Electro House, and Progressive House

  • EDM Snares & Claps
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"Freaky Loops" bring you "EDM Snares & Claps" - if you are searching for your perfect snare, this pack could be the answer!

One of the most important drum elements after the kick is the clap & snare that comes on top of the kick. Choosing the right kick + clap & snare combo is the key to a steady and phat beat. If you've ever wondered how to get that massive snare sound, then this high quality selection of samples is for you. This product gives you amazing snares that any producer would love to get their hands on.

From crisp and crunchy to tight and hard and dirty to phat, these snares will take your rhythm section to another dimension and give it some serious punch and attitude. You can use these samples in as many ways as you desire. This is a must-have pack for every producer looking for punchy deep snares!

"EDM Snares & Claps" features 188MB of raw 24 bit wav audio samples and includes 205 amazing, hard-hitting snares - 20 bonus loops & samples - that are sure to inspire your productions! In detail, 45 Clap Layer Snares, 30 Dynamic Claps, 30 Dynamic Snares, 30 Impact Claps, 30 Impact Snares, 30 Short Impact Snares, 10 Fx Snares PLUS 8 Drum Loops, 3 Fx Fills, 2 Bass Loops, 2 Synth Loops, 1 Clap Loop, 1 Snare Fills, 1 Impact, 1 Reverse and 1 Vox as a BONUS.

Big variations of claps and snares are contained in this pack, perfectly fitting to any genre!  Whether you are making Electro House, Progressive, Techno, Minimal or other forms of EDM - this pack is a great starter point for new inspiration or for adding a little bit punch to your track.

Great processed samples, ready to put in a groove!

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 188MB


  • 45 Clap Layer Snares
  • 30 Dynamic Claps
  • 30 Dynamic Snares
  • 30 Impact Claps
  • 30 Impact Snares
  • 30 Short Impact Snares
  • 10 Fx Snares

20 Bonus Loops & Samples

  • 08 Drum Loops
  • 03 Fx Fills
  • 02 Bass Loops
  • 02 Synth Loops
  • 01 Clap Loop
  • 01 Snare Fills
  • 01 Impact
  • 01 Reverse
  • 01 Vox

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Jason Nevins
Excellent set of claps & snares from FL. All textbook EDM stuff youll want to use in any track.


Thomas Gold
loads of standard sabres & claps but also fresh stuff in this package. all samples sound great and fit immediately into a mix.


Kris O'Neil
Not only full of claps and snares for your grooves, but also effects for great impact and anticipation.

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Freaky Loops EDM Snares & Claps Review At Future Music

Whilst kicks tend to hog the headlines in EDM production, snares and claps play a vital role too,...


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