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Okinawan Tradition
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Genre: World

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  • Okinawan Tradition
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The island of traditional music, Okinawa, is the focus of this new library. The disc is packed with the sounds of traditional Okinawan instruments, folk songs, and ‘Hayashi’ (shouts). 

A symbol of Okinawan tradition, the “Sanshin,” is an instrument used to create mystical sounds. The “Sanba,” known as Ryukyu castanet, punctuates the rhythms, while the Fue (flute), Yubi Fue (flute), and Taiko (drum), and vocals complete the complex, rich texture of the genre.

  • 4 Song Construction Kits


  • 56 Sanba & Taiko loops
  • 12 Sanba one-shot samples
  • 11 Taiko one-shot samples


  • 63 Sanshin loops


  • 12 loops
  • 16 one-shot samples


  • 84 Loops + one-shot samples

Okinawan Percussion Battery Patch

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