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SFX Collection Vol 1
147 users AWARD

Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and Club Archive

  • SFX Collection Vol 1
  • Short Fx Demos
  • Downlifter Demos
  • Textures Demos
  • Stabs Demos
  • Impact Demos
  • Cymbal FX Demos
  • Sweeps and Drones Demos
  • Demo Song

Wave Alchemy’s third release, SFX Collection 01, offers over 1.5GB of 24-bit 100% royalty free sound effects samples, created using the very finest of vintage and new age electronic equipment.

All of the sounds in this library have been crafted from the ground up with many being enhanced by high-end outboard studio processors. The sheer volume, quality and diversity of the material included make this our most exciting release to date and would be an essential addition to any producer’s arsenal.

Although primarily designed with dance music in mind, this pack also provides an excellent tool kit for music and sound design in a film or multimedia context.

What’s included in the sample pack?
Textures - Ethereal beds, disturbing ambience, sublime pads and textured stabs
Impacts - Cone melting subs, reverb-washed collisions and thunderous drops
Stabs & Acid Hits - Rustic stabs, minimal synths, heavenly chords and blissful 303 licks
Sweeps & Drones - Distorted tones, analogue drones, luscious sweeps, and everything in between.
Short FX & Hits - Over 250 painstakingly crafted sounds including stereo crowd cheers, LFO madness, abstract hits, processed noise, reverse FX and glitchy shots.
Cymbal FX - A unique collection of layered crash cymbals with extreme filtering, distortion and processing through the use of highly sought after outboard studio equipment.
Downlifters - Noise drops, synth swirls, downward transitions, essential intros and progressive sweeps.
Uplifters - pitched rises, affected noise and up-rising tones make for easy transitioning between different sections of your production.

At Wave Alchemy we don’t compromise on quality and use only high end equipment ensuring everything is recorded in 24bit through high quality A/D converters.

What are the DJs and Producers saying about SFX Collection 01?
"I really like it, loads of useful sounds in this pack, and definitely a must have for every dance music producer!". Chris Lake

"I love the soundset! Used them in my last remix already and will no doubt continue to do so - a really stunning release and I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with next!". Gareth Emery

"I am happy to say that I found your sounds very useful and I have already used them in my new tracks! They really suit my style and the quality is very good. They are great sounds and I’ll use them in my future tracks". Umek

"I will definitely use some of these sounds on my project "João Carlos Martins & Anderson Noise in Concert" with the Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra where I will be playing live using electronic music!" Anderson Noise

"An excellent FX package. Perfect for all kinds of productions where additional SFX is needed to bring it to the next level!". Martin Eyerer

"I'm amazed by the complexity and quality of these FX. They will instantly take your productions to another level!" Laidback Luke

"This is a useful effects CD that can work for every type of dance music, and that’s rare!" Johnny Fiasco

"I have to say I'm very impressed, the stabs, cymbals, impacts, uplifters and downlifters are going to prove extremely useful and I'm certain I will be using them in my future productions! The production quality is incredibly high, and it's nice to see that they have names rather than numbers, as with other sample packs I can never remember where to find the samples I use most" Lazy Rich

Over 1.5GB (before file conversions) of 24-bit 100% royalty free sound effects which include;

  • 32 Cymbal Fx
  • 97 Downlifters
  • 80 Impacts
  • 266 Short Fx and Hits
  • 75 Stabs and Acid Hits
  • 111 Sweeps and Drones
  • 32 Textures
  • 89 Uplifters
  • 9 Ready to play Patches for Soft Samplers, Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and SFZ formats.

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Laurent Garnier
This is a very VERY impressive sample pack


Nick Thayer
There are builds and atmospheres and drops to suit any moment in a track.


Axel Karakasis
This is a stunning collection of fx, very useable for all genres of electronic music.


Justin Harris - Music for Freaks
If you're looking for an extensive collection of all types of transitional and atmospheric sounds to enhance then this is probably your first stop..

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The field of Digital Sounditry (I just made that up) has come far in the last couple of decades....

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