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Tuva Khoomei
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Genre: World

Additional Styles:

  • Tuva Khoomei
  • Demo Loop2
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From the Asian republic of TUVA, the amazing style of overtone singing has finally been properly captured as a mystical and marvelous sample library, along with the traditional Tuvan stringed instruments Igil and Doshpuluur.

In the Republic of TUVA, the mountain basin is populated with lakes and rivers. The inspiring landscape is home to the powerful and beautiful voices of Khoomei.

Long-awaited Khoomei samples have finally arrived, encompassing 154 files in ACID|WAV and REX2 formats. 

This collection features samples of Khoomei, male and female throat singers, and two types of stringed instruments: Doshpuluur and Igil. All sound files are presented in both 44.1 kHz/16-bit

Types of sounds inlcuded in the library:

KHOOMEI: 52 Male and 18 Female
A type of throat singing with a distinct fundamental and an overtone melody, used in folk music from Tuva.

A three-stringed instrument with fretless similar to a banjo, but with the warm, organic sound of wood and goat skin.

IGIL: 10 Loops
A two-stringed, bowed and fretless instrument. Deeply connected with the mythology of the horse, the most important animal in Tuvan culture. The Igil sounds like a cross between violin and cello, and is often used to imitate the sound and rhythms of the horse.

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