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Drum Tools 01
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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Drums and Club Archive

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After many months of creative sound design and sonic manipulation we are extremely proud to announce the release of our first Drum Tools library – Minimal Techno & Tech House.

Drum Tools 01 by Wave Alchemy offers over 1900 exquisitely produced electronic drum samples. All sounds in the collection have been built from the ground up using a jaw-dropping array of analogue circuitry and exclusive high-end outboard gear. Great care has been taken to capture the tone / vibe and warmth of the equipment used and all sample editing and file naming has been done by hand for maximum precision.

The drum samples in Drum Tools 01 have been created by the creative layering and processing of drum machines, exotic synthesizers / modulars, field recordings and the recording of live drum and percussive instruments.

Drum Tools 01 is an essential purchase for any electronic music producer looking for high quality, 100% original drum samples. Although designed with Minimal techno & Tech House music in mind, Drum Tools 01 would also make an essential toolkit for producers of House, Trance, Electro or even down-tempo / hip-hop styles.

Click ‘download free samples’ at the top this page to download a generous selection of free sounds from Drum Tools 01.

What’s included in the sample pack?

  • 1950 24-bit 100% royalty free electronic drum hits!
  • A professionally dithered 16-bit version of the full library for hardware sampler enthusiasts
  • 472 premium kick drum samples arranged by tone (deep, punchy, solid, processed, 808 & fx)
  • 251 snare drum samples arranged by type (classic, layered, punchy, processed & noise)
  • 594 exotic percussion samples created with a wealth of highly sought-after studio gear and divided into folders such as ‘blips & pops’ ‘toms & tones’ ‘world’ ‘analogue synth’ ‘driven digital’ & ‘miscellaneous’
  • 125 luxurious claps and snaps
  • 141 hi hat & creative noise samples
  • 75 glitch shots devised from creative layering and analogue circuits
  • 62 minimal stabs and chord hits
  • 88 sound effects samples
  • 26 uniquely layered crash cymbal sounds
  • 58 drum creation tools including  transient snaps, clicks and sub enhancers
  • Ableton Live 8 pack (requires latest version of live)
  • 13 drum kits including sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ
  • 42 bonus tb-303 licks + much more

Why choose Drum Tools?

  • Exquisitely recorded, 100% original drum hit samples
  • Built from the ground up - Never ripped from vinyl or similar
  • Carefully selected signal chain making use of an extensive selection of boutique studio gear and sought-after outboard
  • Edited by hand for maximum precision.
  • Carefully layered & Processed with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Recorded in 24-bit using top-flight AD converters
  • All sounds heard in the audio demos are from Drum Tools 01 and have been sequenced to showcase a selection of samples from the full library.

Wave Alchemy Drum Tools 01 Kit List:

Sound Sources:

  • Future Retro XS
  • Korg MS-20
  • Jomox XBase 999
  • Jomox Airbase 99
  • Jomox Mbase 11
  • Vermona DRM MK11
  • Elektron Machinedrum UW
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-606
  • ARP Odyssey
  • Minimoog Voyager
  • Nord Lead 3
  • Waldorf Pulse
  • Roland TB-303
  • Korg ER-1
  • Various Live Recordings & Percussive Instruments

Sound Shaping:

  • Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering Version
  • Sherman Filterbank 2
  • Moog Filters & Envelopes
  • Korg MS-20
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • SSL E Series EQ
  • SSL E Series Compressor
  • SPL Transient Designer
  • API 512c Pre-amp
  • SPL Gainstation Pre-amp

Producer/DJ testimonials:

I LOVE IT !!! The drums will play a big role in my productions for the next months / years - Robert Babicz / Rob Acid

What a fantastic, and infinitely useable sample CD - I'm very impressed! - Chris Lake

A great quality package including all the sounds you will need to create a complete groove. You´ll always find something useful in this drum collection! - Martin Eyerer

Note: Drum Tools 01 does not include any loops, the songs above are for demonstration purposes only.

  • Zip (Main)
  • 1950 drum samples
  • 472 kick drum samples
  • 251 snare drum samples
  • 594 percussion samples
  • 125 claps and snaps
  • 141 hi-hat and noise samples
  • 75 glitch shots
  • 62 minimal stabs and chord hits
  • 88 sound effects
  • 26 crash cymbals
  • 58 drum tools
  • 13 drum kits for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, HALion, EXS24 and SFZ
  • 42 bonus TB-303 licks
  • Ableton Livepack included (Live 8+)

Drum Tools 01 - Deluxe Edition:

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 999MB


  • 3854 Additional Tape Drum Hits
  • 472 Premium Kick Samples
  • 251 Snare Drum Samples
  • 594 Exotic Percussion Samples
  • 125 Luxurious Claps & Snaps
  • 141 Hi Hat & Creative Noise Samples
  • 75 Glitch SDhots
  • 62 Minimal Stabs and Chord Hits
  • 88 SFX
  • 26 Uniquely Layered Crash Samples
  • 58 Drum Creation Tools
  • Ableton Live 8 Pack (requires latest version of Live)
  • 13 Drum Kits
  • soft sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ
  • 42 Bonus tb 303 Licks

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Octane & DLR
a very healthy pack of drums which can be used in a variety of different styles and genre's, definitely an essential!


Halo/City Deep Music
top notch loops & drum kits that will add that perfect color to your final production mix.


Tom Middleton
OOF! it's Tump, Chump, Kunk, Boom, Snap, Thwack, Tick, Tizz all the way..absolutely HUGANTIC sounds! This is the Daddy of all Drum sample collections. If you don't own this you should. Essential!


DJ Krust
For me it's all about seeing what other artist and producers are doing and being inspired by that. Drum tools did that for me. Looking forward to part two

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