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DJ Pierre - Afro Acid House
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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Artist Series, Sound Archives, and Club Archive


Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

  • DJ Pierre - Afro Acid House
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You probably don’t remember 1987. If you do, then you might have hazy memories of wearing aviator sunglasses, big leather jackets and fingerless gloves.

But away from the mainstream the first seeds of acid house were being sowed by four house music lovers in Chicago: DJ Pierre, Spanky  and Herb Jackson.  Together, under their alias Phuture, they created the world’s first acid house record called ‘Acid Tracks’, an 11 minute 17 seconds-long house trip based around a sound that has become synonymous with electronic music ever since, the bassline of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer.

Besides being a crucial DJ and the production wizard partly responsible for the development of Chicago acid-house, DJ Pierre later influenced the sound of New York’s more disco-fied house with his tenure as an in-house producer for Strictly Rhythm Records.

Now Loopmasters have teamed up with the godfather of Acid House himself to bring you a collection of inspiring sounds and samples from the very machines that created the genre which brought the UK and USA closer together through a love of Acid House music.

In this collection which sees DJ Pierre return to his creative roots you can expect to fine over 380MB of exciting content, including 330 Samples, 300 loops and 30 ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ samplers.

DJ Pierre has recorded over 70 Drumloops (expect 808/909 and classic Beatbox samples), 46 Bass Loops (suitable for Electro and Tech House), 46 Classic Acid House Basslines (The signature licks), 16 Grooves, 31 Keyboard Loops, 23 String Parts, 24 Synth Loops, 15 Pad FX and 52 Single Sounds.

This exclusive collection of samples cover the genres of House, Disco, Acid House, Tech and could even be worked into some progressive Techno.

Sample the godfather of Acid House today with DJ Pierre’s “Afro Acid House” by Loopmasters.

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Additional drum loops: Spanky - Phuture
Vocal Samples: Dajae
Additional programming: Angel Alanis
Additional programming: Lady Four Square - Noise Floor Crew

Additional Keyboards: Karl K.Morrison (DJ Mobil Unit) has worked and written with Aaron Neville,Keith Richards,The Grammy Awards,Spike Lee and many others.

Please Note: When selecting the appropriate download version for your requirements the Zip (Main) format includes Acidised Wav and Rex2 Loops – all single (non looping) sounds and Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Nnxt, Exs24  soft samplers. Reason Refill, Ableton Live Packs and Apple Loops are not included, and must be purchased where available as a separate downloads. Apple Loops packs also include any single hits and EXS patches where applicable.
If in doubt we recommend you purchase the Zip(main) format which is usable with nearly all music applications and software.

  • 380Mb Afro Acid House Collection
  • 330 Wavs
  • 278 SAmples
  • 30 Patches
  • 77 Drum Loops
  • 46 Bass Loops
  • 46 Acid Bass Loops
  • 16 Grooves
  • 31 Keys Loops
  • 23 String Parts
  • 24 Synths
  • 15 Pad FX
  • Ableton Live, Apple Loops and Reason Refill Versions Available

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Inland Knights
go to the acid to find loads of great vintage acid riffs as only dj pierre can deliver

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