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Drumdrops in Ska
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Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Reggae

  • Drumdrops in Ska
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Drumdrops are proud to present this unique and exclusive collection of fine Ska beats played by top Jamaican drummers and recorded with vintage kits, Mics and through 2” tape and warm analogue compression at the Drumdrops studios for your sampling pleasure!

Ska is the musical genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950’s and was the precursor to rocksteady and then reggae music as we now know it. In the early 1960s, ska was the dominant music genre of Jamaica and was popular with the British Mod Scene and has had countless revivals over the years.

Drumdrops have a fine pedigree with live played Dub, Reggae and now Ska beats which use only the finest original drumming talent and stay true to the original recording methods and natural Tape recordings as seen in Studio One back in the day when the Jamaicans first created this sound.

Within this fantastic Ska Drumloop collection you will find over 750Mb of 24 Bit samples presented as a versatile collection of 172 loops which cover speeds from 117 through 132 Bpm, with main loops, variations, fills and transitions so you can quickly build your own complete drum tracks with ease to form the bedrock and foundation of your music. Dry and FX versions are included for your flexibility, you can choose Apple Loops with Rex Files, or Wav Files and Rex Files according to your computer system.

Specifically you can expect to find here 172 loops which broken down include:-

  • 117Bpm    6 Dry Loops/6 FX Loops
  • 118Bpm    7 Dry Loops/7 FX Loops
  • 122Bpm    7 Dry Loops/7 FX Loops
  • 124Bpm    8 Dry Loops/8 FX Loops
  • 125Bpm    6 Dry Loops/6 FX Loops
  • 126Bpm    6 Dry Loops/6FX Loops
  • 127Bpm    5 Dry Loops/5FX Loops
  • 128Bpm    7 Dry Loops/7 FX loops
  • 130Bpm    16 Dry Loops/16 FX Loops
  • 131Bpm    7 Dry Loops/7 FX Loops
  • 132Bpm    11 Dry Loops/11 FX Loops

So, if you are looking for a rock steady beat to back your tracks and Ska is the name of the game, sample Drumdrops in Ska and take your productions to Kingston Town!

NOTE: This pack contains drum loops only, the other sounds and instruments in this demo are for demonstration purposes only.

  • 750MB of content
  • 172 Drum Loops
  • 117-132 BPM

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Fred Everything
The Drum Drops series is one of the best out there. This one might not be useful for all of you but If you make any Dub/Reggae influenced music like Drum & Bass or Dubstep, this might be just for you!

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