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World String Series: Desert Oud
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Genre: Strings

Additional Styles: Ambient, Downtempo, World, and Cinematic

  • World String Series: Desert Oud
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EarthMoments releases the first Bundle of the ultra special World Strings Series that explores the numerous string instruments of the world.

The Desert Oud Bundle delivers 384 warm and organic acoustic Oud loops played expertly on an ancient Iraqi Oud, bringing to life the rich, exotic sound of Arabia and the magic of the deserts.

The Iraqi Oud traditionally focuses on mid-range frequencies, played using a thin piece of wood as a plectrum.

Offering a range of different rhythms and styles from North Africa to the Middle East, this classic collection of inspiring sounds covers everything from original down tempo acoustic sessions, right through to upbeat studio hooks.

Optimised with the closest attention to detail, the Arabic Oud Bundle have been recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz.

  • 24 bit quality
  • 753MB
  • 384 Wav Loops including Hijaz OUD, North African OUD, Rhythmic OUD and Takasim
  • Tempos from 85bpm to 126bpm also includes freestyle (no tempo) loops

    Also Available as Ableton Live Ready 8+ Separately

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    Sergio Flores this CD is great for anyone looking to add that "arabian nights" touch to their music...


    Jody Wisternoff
    If this is the instrument you are looking for, then you will be very happy !

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