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World Woodwind Series - Oriental Ney
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Genre: Brass & Woodwind

Additional Styles: Chillout, Downtempo, World, and Cinematic

  • World Woodwind Series - Oriental Ney
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EarthMoments releases another bundle of the ultra special World Woodwind Series that explores the many woodwind instruments of the world.

The Oriental Ney Bundle is a hard-to-resist library of 246 organic and husky ethnic Ney flute loops played by exceptional musicians with unmistakable Turkish emotions, and definitive Middle Eastern colours, with signatures ranging from the down tempo to the upbeat.

Ney is a Persian word meaning reed, as the instrument is made from a piece of hollow cane or reed, dating dates back 4,500–5,000 years, making it one of the oldest musical instruments. Ney is often the only wind instrument used in some Middle Eastern musical traditions. 

Optimised with the closest attention to detail, the Oriental Ney Bundle samples have been recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz.

24 bit Quality 253MB

246 Ney Flute Loops and samples

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Great sounds if you're looking for well recorded 'world' sample pack. Would highly recommend.


My Digital Enemy
If you are after flute sounds look no further!



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