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Pascal Gabriel's Dance Samples
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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Percussion and Deep House

  • Pascal Gabriel's Dance Samples
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  • Demo Loop 03
  • Demo Synth Samples 04
  • Demo Orchestral Samples 05
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Pascal Gabriel has not only proven himself as one of the World's finest pop producers for the last few decades but he will go down in history as being the first to release a dance sample CD - this library was not only the first but also proved to be the inspired blueprint for the dance sample CD that few libraries since have strayed far from.

This library was snapped up by producers all over the World and many of the samples featured have become legendary, featuring on countless hit records just as Pascal had hoped when he put it together. Now it's available, 20 years after its initial release, in the digital formats of today to give easy access to a new generation of musicians.

Contents: Drum & Percussion Loops, Kicks, Snares, Hats, Hat Patterns, Hits, Brass, Film & Atmos, Guitar, Male & Female Spoken & Sung Vox, Computer Vox, Orch, FX, Stops & Stabs, Synths, Basses plus 3D RSS-processed samples. The classic dance sample mix from the pioneering dance sample CD. Tried and trusted by thousands of musicians around the World.

About The Producer: Pascal, the most famous living Belgian, is a top producer having worked with Ladyhawke, Kylie Minogue, Peach (Union), EMF, S-Express, Inspiral Carpets, Bomb The Bass, Falco, Jimmy Somerville, Erasure, New Order, Andy Bell, The Other Two and many others.

Review Highlights

" gold dust...breaks new ground..." - Music Technology

"A few of the sounds are a little dirty and distorted, but they come from such obscure sources that you can't expect much else - just try shipping over to Egypt to get a perfect DAT recording of a religious chant. The main strength of this collection is the fact that the sounds all have potential, no matter what kind of electronic music you produce. You can actually imagine using just about all the sounds included. 9/10." - Future Music

", quite distinctive, and highly usable. Better still you almost certainly won't have heard them before...useful and memorable... a revelation... uniformly excellent... the basis for many a hit." - Sound On Sound

"If you were putting together a list of the top people involved in dance music, you couldn't leave out Pascal Gabriel...extremely varied and usable... no matter what kind of electronic music you produce you can actually imagine using just about all the sounds included. 9/10" - Future Music

  • 16 Bit Quality


  • 327MB


  • 1,060 Files


  • 76 Acoustic Percussion Samples
  • 93 Assorted single Hits
  • 34 Bass Hits
  • 43 Bass Drum Hits
  • 18 Brass hits
  • 19 Computer Vox
  • 42 Drum Loops
  • 65 Electronic Percussion Hits
  • 15 Film and Atmos Hits
  • 14 Guitar Hits
  • 41 Hi Hats and Patterns

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