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Utku S - Electro House Producer
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BPM: 120 - 130

  • Utku S - Electro House Producer
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Loopmasters are very proud to present a fresh and exciting collection of Electro House and Filtered Funk samples from one of the new faces on the International Dance Scene – Utku S.

Utku S. is  a talented producer and sound designer who has been following his passion for music and honing his talents for almost ten years. His sound is an energetic and high-octane blend of Electro House that creates an intense uplifting energy. He delivers a devastating electro number with broken beats and distorted guitar riffs.

As a producer, Utku knows very well what people want to hear, how innovative sound works and how to present his productions the best way. This year his remixes have been played by some of the biggest dance DJs from the radio to the clubs. He has a unique and highly addictive sound.

In this fantastic collection of Electro House sounds and samples, Utku S, has provided a huge collection of Twisted Synths, Arpeggiated Guitars, Glitched Hits, Side Chained Basses and Huge Beats which will no doubt be featured in countless future dance floor classics.

Utku S. Electro House Producer weighs in at 1Gb and includes 695 24 Bit Samples, with 240 loops and 455 one shot Samples. Also included are over 170 ready to play patches for Reason NNXt, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt soft samplers. Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live versions are also available separately.

In detail this fresh collection of sounds includes 60 Bass Loops, 12 Pad Loops, 50 Heavyweight Clubbed up Drum Loops, 50 Inspirational Techy Filtered Funk Musical Loops, 8 Reverse Pads, 35 Eq’d Top Loops, 26 Bonus Combi Filter Loops, 50 one Shot Bass Tones, 30 Electro Chords, 140 Single Drum Samples, 53 FX Samples, 5 Bass Multis, 5 Synth Mutlis, 50 Synth Chord samples, plus 50 Vocals!

Utku S. is a producer who is bringing his game to the table in 2011 and so far has produced Loopmasters highly credited French Electro and Maximal Electro sample packs - here he delivers his own personal brand of Digital Mayhem and if you're a fan of the Twisted Electro sound that is spreading like wild fire across the globe you need this sample pack!

Please Note: When selecting the appropriate download version for your requirements the Zip (Main) format includes Acidised Wav and Rex2 Loops – all single (non looping) sounds and Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, NNXT, EXS24  soft samplers. Reason Refill, Ableton Live Packs and Apple Loops are not included, and must be purchased where available as a separate downloads. Apple Loops packs also include any single hits and EXS patches where applicable.

If in doubt we recommend you purchase the Zip(main) format which is usable with nearly all music applications and software.

  • 24Bit Quality
  • Over 1 Gb
  • 60 Bass Loops
  • 20 Pad Loops
  • 50 DrumLoops
  • 50 Music Loops
  • 35 Top Loops
  • 20 Combi Loops
  • 50 Bass Hits
  • 30 Chord Hits
  • 140 Drum Hits
  • 53 Fx samples
  • 5 Bass Multi Sampled Insruments
  • 5 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments
  • 50 Synth Chord Stabs
  • 50 Vocal Chops
  • 173 Soft Sampler Patches For Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats

Apple Loops, Ableton Live 7.0.2+ Pack and Reason 4 Refill Available Seperately.

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Tai Jason
Very great pack! So many options to create nice sounds! That's how it should be.


There is so much variety with in this pack, from pop-tastic to deep underground sounds, there isn't going to be much left from this pack that the producer isnt guna be using in his/her time as a budding producer. Get on board this one!!!


The loops are going to appeal to the messiest of tech-heads and the glitchiest of the electro-lovers.


Meat Katie
Again Utku S. comes with the big main room loops and samples.

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Future Music Review: Utku S. - Electro House Producer

A highly eclectic and unusual set of loops and hits. While obviously 'Electro' in...


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