Thrillogy 1 1000x512 i
CFA Sound - Thrillogy-1
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Genre: Electro

Additional Styles: House, Techno, Trance , and Electro House

Push your Virus TI to the maximum with the Thrillogy-1 soundset. Through the contained 128 patches you get access to a heavy inspiring and absolutely suitable arsenal of top-notch sounds for trance, tech-trance and all other matching music styles, which needing raw and punching basses, wide and powerful leads, robust synths, dreamy plucks followed with wild sequences and unique fx-effects. In short - a must have for every trance producer with a Virus TI on the desktop.


  • contains 128 sounds
  • suitable for trance, house & hardstyle
  • sorted in categories
  • works on all Virus TI models

This product also contains a special PROMO PDF with an exclusive DISCOUNT CODE for our awarded GRIP Valve Drive Compressor plugin for AudioUnit & VST!

NOTE: Requires Access Virus TI / OS 4.0 or higher

  • Virus TI Soundset
  • 14.1MB
  • 128 Sounds
  • Suitable for Trance, House and Hardstyle
  • Categorised
  • Works on all Virus TI Models

Please Note:  Requires Access Virus TI/OS 4.0 or higher

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