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Euro Munchies - Rough Crustings
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Genre: Chillout

Additional Styles: FX

In the third installment of the Euro Munchies series we serve you truly appetizing morsels of analogue dirt and filth. As unique and wonderfully weird as the previous packs, these Eurorack sequences will transform your tracks into oozing analogue night glows - for anything four to the floor, downtempo, urban or cinematic.

Just as the previous packs, these loops were created through feeding clock signals from a DAW into a setup of Eurorack sequencers, oscillators, filters and effects - and then processing the resulting sequences in the digital domain - retaining all the magic and weirdness coming from the analog circuits in sync and under control for maximum musical ability. 

The modular system consists of selected modules from about 20 different brands: Makenoise, 4ms, Cwejman, Doepfer, TipTop audio, Plan B, Intellijel and a Roland system 100 Model 101. Digital realtime processing mainly through Soundtoys and Fabfilter suites.

In detail expect to find 114 wav and 114 rex loops in 90, 110, 120, 130 and 140 bpm, all in all summing up to 118 MB wav and 74 MB rex files in 48 kHz 24 bit.

All sounds in demo are from Euro Munchies - Rough Crustings.

  • 24 Bit 48kHz Quality
  • 192MB
  • 114 Wav Eurorack Sequence Loops in 90, 110, 120, 130 and 140 bpm
  • 114 Rex2 Loops

Created with analogue sequencers and rotating clock dividers in a Eurorack modular system, by feeding clock signals from a DAW and real time process the resulting sequences in the digital domain.

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Resound big


This pack is all about character.
Marcocarola big


Marco Carola
I like that weird sound library. Especially the analog character. A different and quality pack!

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