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Tribal Drums & Percussion
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Genre: Percussion

Additional Styles: Tech House

Need to glues the rhythm track together more, than the presence of a hypnotic percussion groove in any style music? Welcome to Delectable Records’ Tribal Drums and Percussion!

This pack offers versatile, deep tribal grooves that will give pulse and urgency to your production featuring Infectious and Atmospheric Percussion ensembles with Pounding Tribal Drumming, Huge Full Drum Sets, Grooves Addons , Tweeter Cracking Hats and Snares, Intense Bass and Sound FX and more, perfect for any
modern producer looking to add inspirational organic rhythm performances to their tracks.

Expect to find 589 unique sounds for over 1 GB of Percussive and drum loop perfection recorded in 24Bit 44.1Khz split into 3 packages :

Percussion Pack made up of 186 Live Percussion Loops and 69 One Shots with Drops and Fx;

Drums Pack inside which you’ll find 10 Drum Sets, 127 Drum Parts, 202 Drum Loops including Kick, Top, Snare and Hat loops;

Bass and Sound FX Pack made up of 60 Bass Loops and 71 Sound FX One Shots.

All the sounds have been hand crafted with custom DSP routines, and treated with Manley passive EQ, along with Manley Mu limiters and compression, giving the samples high volume and wide headroom, while  maintaining a clean and impetuous sound!

To guarantee a fluent work-flow, we have provided our samples in easy to use Apple AIFF and WAV crossplatform formats, along with precise key and tempo info in an intuitive file structure designed to help you find the sound you need fast.

Whether you are looking for inspiration to start a track with or for something special to add unique and organic elements to your track, Tribal Drums and Percussion has it all!

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1GB
  • 202 Drum Loops
  • 69 Percussion One Shots
  • 186 Percussion Loops
  • 60 Bass Loops
  • 71 Sound FX One Shots
  • 125BPM

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    Joshbutler big


    Josh Butler
    Some great live percussion here for getting a more organic feel. Enjoying the crazy sub bass sounds too.

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