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Genre: Sound Archives

Additional Styles: Breaks Archive and Urban Archive

Ballistic Breaks - a massive folder of loads of extended super cool breaks. Every break comes in 6 different versions: Variation 1, Variation 2, Variation 2 with fill, etc. - all the variations can be used separately - choose the one perfect for you - or use the variations as totally natural progressions in your next song, this will definitely make it easier building a drumtrack fast.

But things do not stop just with that; also provided are the separate elements in every break. The kickdrum loop, the snaredrum loop, the hihat loop, the add-on loop, etc.  - all included to help you mix, EQ & compress the elements to fit you personally. Or why not use different elements from all the breaks to build totally new breaks! Finally you can get the coolest breaks for the coolest people!

Still you might want to add some drums over the breaks or build up your own breaks from scratch? No sweat - of course you also get all the separate drum samples (kicks, snare, hihat, etc.) from every break - so now you can finally do a variation that will be yours only! All loops have been matched to a few interactive BPMs (135 & 140 BPM), cut to an exact number of bars and acidized - making all loops compatible and creatively more useful in trying to build the perfect break.

Chemical Treats & Music Loops - an insane mix of hardcore music and bass loops, fx & turntable loops. Simply must have to create the hardness, groove and/or inspiration in building your next dancefloor or smash. All the music, fx and bass loops have been matched to the breaks (135 & 140), cut to an exact number of bars and acidized.

  • 500+ Uptempo Funked Up Drum Loops
  • 300 Music, Bass and FX Loops
  • Over 600MB of sounds
  • 1700+ Loops and Samples

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