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Circuitry Rhymes - Voice Generator Loops
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Genre: Vocals

Additional Styles: EDM, Electro House, FX, Glitch, Progressive House, and Techno


BPM: 120 - 127

Particular proudly presents Circuitry Rhymes – Voice Generator Loops, the very first instalment in a whole new series focusing on synthesized voice loops. This first pack is all about generated voices - from old 8 bit voice generators ranging all the way up to modern speech synthesizers. It’s quirky, odd and very fun. Suiting almost any music in need for something totally unexpected - but fits the dancefloor better than anything else.

Created by recording a whole heap of old voice generators, as well as our own and some friends's voices, chopping these up into phonems and rearranging these phonems and running the resulting sequences through some nice sequence triggered effects to create the correct voice generator feel - old as well as new - but with some serious musical qualities to it.

As usual we kept on sweetspotting it all through some nice analog gear on it’s way to the recording.

In detail expect to find 158 wav loops and 139 rex files, in 120, 124 and 127 bpm. All in 48kHzm 24 bit.

Demo made with Circuitry Rhymes - Voice Generator Loops and drums from Severed Bits - Components and Severed Bits - Malfunctions drum libraries.

  • 24 Bit 48kHz
  • 264MB
  • 158 wav loops
  • 139 rex files
  • 120, 124 and 127 bpm
  • Created by chopping up human and generated voices into phonems and playing them back as old voice generators do - only a lot more musical!

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