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Ableton FM Racks
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Genre: Bass

Additional Styles: Deep House, Garage, House, Tech House, and Techno

Powerful FM sound-generation integrated into an intuitive Ableton Rack, ‘FM Racks’ puts deep glassy pads, pumping italo bass licks, searing vibrato leads and much more into a sequencer friendly solution. Consisting of over 127 unique multi-sampled FM patches and a top-level FX rack combine analogue-modelling chorus and delays with an expertly curated selection of iconic FM patches.

Please Note: This pack is for Bass Patches and FX Racks only. No Vocals, FX or Drums are included in the Zip(main).

  • 1 Ableton FM Rack for Ableton Live
  • 1 Ableton Multi-FX Rack for Ableton Live

FM Synth Rack

  • Patch Selector: Choose from over 127 patches of multi-sample chord, bass and synthesizer.
  • Sample Start: Adjust the start point of sample-playback for softer transients and unique grooves. 
  • Vibrato: A classic DX-7 style vibrato, adjust for a wet/dry pitch drift effect.
  • Speed: Set the speed of the vibrato from very quick pitch-fluctuations to a slow churn. 
  • Ve Attack: Adjust the attack volume envelope of the FM patch.
  • Ve Decay: Adjust the decay volume envelope of the FM patch.
  • Ve Sustain: Adjust the sustain volume envelope of the FM patch.
  • Release: Adjust the release envelope of this particular patch.

Multi FX Rack

  • Chorus: An analogue-modelling retro chorus perfect for adding width to your custom FM patch.
  • Reverb: Turns this macro to induce a synth-friendly reverb space.
  • Phaser: Set the phaser to stun! A powerful wet/dry phase macro for old-school synth design. 
  • Phase Rate: Slow churn or frantic high-speed phasing.
  • Delay: A wet/dry delay macro ideal for adding additional rhythm to your FM patch.
  • Delay Rhythm: Set the speed of your rhythm in custom millisecond increments.
  • LP/HP Filter: Alternate between a powerful low or highpass filter. 
  • Compressor: Give your FM patch a little bit more punch and definition with custom wet/dry 

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