Here we’ve got a DAW-ready sample pack that will satisfy even the most discerning guitar enthusiasts. Simply called Flamenco Guitar, this library from Organic Loops features 300 beautifully performed guitar licks that capture the essence of Spanish guitar.

This 900+ MB library includes hooks, lead and Palma percussion loop performances. You can literally build your own loops by layering them or augmenting them with other guitar library loops to create new and exciting sounds. The samples have been organized into folders according to their BPMs and key info. Tempo ranges from downtempo-ish 90 BPM to a house-y 124 BPM.

How do they sound? They sound very nice and work well in a busy mix. The guitar sounds bright, yet very natural. You’ll hear tonal nuances and a bit of noise in the background, which is cool to impart in the samples. If you’ve always wanted to expand your guitar loop library then this sample pack is worth considering. You will love the how seductive this library sounds. 


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