Besides sporting some of the sharpest cheekbones in contemporary D 'n' B Rockwell also makes some of the scene's most cutting-edge music - tracks like Detroit, Reverse Engineering, 4U, and the mighty Underpass, are just a handful of his forward-thinking productions. No wonder Loopmasters drafted him in for an artist sample pack, then. 

Fans checking in here after a bulk load of his trademark production ammo won't be dissapointed. For the cover charge you get 1.26GB of the kind of killer loops and layers that make his hits such hits. Hundreds of dynamite stabs, dreamy pads, rolling bass loops, militant drums, tops, and vocals, are ready and waiting. Plus, 11 pre-formatted multi-sampled instruments with the Rockwell blessing are bundled in, alongside over 200 Rex files. With all this and more, it's your turn to rock...well. 

Roy Spencer's Verdict: 


Original Source at FutureMusic Magazine 

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