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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass


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BPM: 174

Rolling Techstep by IQ Samples is a pack with a nice mix of Classic and Modern sounds, crafted very carefully and as a result it can be applicable in a large base of D&B sub-genres. As the Techstep title implies the Musical elements are more dark and ominous than usual. We especially liked the dissonant and techno influenced synth chords in that section. The drum loops are also great with punchy lows, tight transient attacks and a large variety of timbres. The bass section also has a large variety of tones, from detuned reese to distorted 808s and more complex bass stabs. A very well rounded pack indeed!

Some serious weight to this pack! big sounds and bigger bass. The content is superb, with a great selection and enough to choose from for any level of producer. Our fav's are the basslines as they can be great fun the mangle and mess around with.


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