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Genre: House

Additional Styles: Drums, Sound Archives, and House

My goodness!! There are some mightily crisp and clear sound in this pack, particularly loving the single shots... Excellent work!

Great collection of processed drum machine samples, all nicely recorded with consistent levels and no hiss or nasty resonant frequencies. The snares in particular stand out, there are some really unique and punchy ones in there that are perfect for layering.

I found the drum tools very useful. I personally love those type of distorted glitchy sounds and off key synth pads. The drum sounds were very well produced and fitted straight in to the new sound I'm working on
For me it's all about seeing what other artist and producers are doing and being inspired by that. Drum tools did that for me. Looking forward to part two
Hurry up guys

Today I've put aside my standard policy of 'make it yourself' (as I'm a firm believer that with imagination and the right tools of the trade you can make anything you want.) But there are times when you just need quick solutions. So this is now the no.1 go to drum kit archive. Well organised and meticulously produced. More than you'll ever need..and we producers seem to crave more of everything! From the first time you audition a Kick..OOF! it's Tump, Chump, Kunk, Boom, Snap, Thwack, Tick, Tizz all the way..absolutely HUGANTIC sounds! This is the Daddy of all Drum sample collections. If you don't own this you should. Essential!

For me as a producer I can never find enough drum kits to add to my library, Drum Tools 01 has it all from your classic Drum machine sound to your more modern day drum kits including some top notch loops that will add that perfect color to your final production mix this pack is nice for producing Deep House & Techno and is super easy to drop into any sequence programs.

Some good sounds, not quite what i had expected, came on recommendation, and thought there were more transient tools than there actually are. But still a very healthy pack of drums which can be used in a variety of different styles and genre's, definitely an essential!


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