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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Techno

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BPM: 125

I'd say this pack is more deep and melodic than driven which brings up connotations of hard tech but it's far from that which makes it cooler than the description may lead you to believe. The kits are straightforward but I found the value in the moody chords, arps and synth hits which allow some quite atmospheric and deep textures to be laid in to any of your tunes specifically those around the 115 -130 bom mark, lots of the sub and bass sounds have some quite nice effects like delays and washed out verbs which get you using those sounds in a different way. Like all things Niche Audio that drums, bass notes, arps and chords always go well together so it's really easy to get an original vibe going and build upon it to create diverse tunes.

Another great pack by Niche, this one has everything you need to make a really good Techno track. Specially like the drums on the kits. So many different variations will give you lots of different options. Music and synth loops are also super creative and will add a nice taste to your tracks. Ableton and Maschine users should get these Niche packs, very good!


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