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Live Deep Jazz House
104 users AWARD

Genre: Jazz

Additional Styles: Deep House, House, and Live Music

  • Live Deep Jazz House
  • Demo Song 2
  • Demo Loop1
  • Demo Loop2
  • Demo Loop3
  • Demo Loop4
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If you are looking for real Jazz samples played by top musicians in a fantastic venue, recorded using only the best instruments and recording techniques to fuse new forms of House and Alternative music then you should check out this cool collection of Deep Jazz House samples from award winning producer Dan Mardan aka Danmad!

Deep Jazz House includes inspirational recordings of Saxophone, Flugel Horn, Trumpets, Rhodes Pianos, Drum loops, Vibes, Fx,  Acoustic & Electric Bass, Pianos, and great Jazz Vocals – which have all been recorded at Deep House tempos, ready to be exposed in many future hits.

The recordings were conducted in one of the best acoustic concert halls in Europe, the Concert Hall ION VIDU in Timisoara - Romania.  Dan has sourced the very best recording musicians to create a fresh and orginal sample pack which allows cutting edge producers to incorporate real played instruments into modern House Music.

The quality of musicians, performances, recording equipment and venue – coupled with Dan Mardans passion for dance and electronic music has evoked a unique and highly inspirational sound collection which is hugely versatile for many music types, but which should specifically be of maximum use to those working in Deep and Progressive House.

In this pack you can expect to find 577 Deep House Samples, recorded at pristine 24Bit quality, including 577 Loops recorded between 120 – 124 Bpm.

Tech Specs:  7 Full Construction Kits (including 215 loops), 31 Acoustic Bass Loops, 43 Electric Bass Loops, 26 Synth Bass Loops, 31 Flugel Horn Loops, 51 Piano Loops, 124 Jazz Vocal Samples, 70 Trumpet Loops, 57 Sax Loops, 30 Rhodes Loops, 34 Synth Loops, 7 x Drum construction kit loops each with seperate parts, 4 Vibes Loops,  and 13 FX loops.

Vol 2 is being worked on currently and we expect those intelligent musicians who purchase this to be demanding the second volume from us.

If you like Deep, Jazz and House music – this is the only product you need to be sampling right now – check the demo and buy this pack today!


Composer, arranger, sound mixing and post processing - Dan Mardan aka Danmad
Saxophone alto & tenor - Lucian Nagy
Flugel Horn, Trumpet - Stefan Olariu
The Pianists - Marcelle Poaty - Souami & Dan Mardan
Acoustic Bass & Electric Bass - Theodor Groszmuk
Vocals - Gia
Sound Engineer - Lucian Oros

Format Options Explained: 

  • Zip(main) format includes Acidised Wav and Rex2 Loops
  • Apple Loops format includes Apple Loops and Rex2 Loops
  • Wav Loop Pack format includes Acidised Wav loop content only.
  • If in doubt we recommend you purchase the Zip (main) format which is usable with nearly all music applications and software.
  • 1.98Gb
  • 24Bit Quality
  • 7 Full Construction Kits
  • 31 acoustic Bass Loops
  • 43 Electric Bass Loops
  • 26 Synth Bass Loops
  • 31 Fluegel Horn Loops
  • 51 Piano Loops
  • 124 Vocal Loops
  • 70 Trumpet Loops
  • 57 Sax Loops
  • 30 Rhodes Loops
  • 7 Percussion Loops
  • 34 Synth Loops
  • 56 Drum Loops
  • 4 Vibraphone Loops
  • 13 SFX Loops

Apple Loops available to purchase seperately

The Construction Kit Pack Includes:

  • 469Mb
  • 7 Full Construction Kits
  • 215 wav Loops

The Extra Bass and FX Pack Includes:

  • 223Mb
  • 40 Electric Bass Wav Loops
  • 27 Acoustic Bass Wav Loops
  • 19 Synth Bass Wav Loops
  • 13 SFX Loops

The Extra Vocal Pack Incudes:

  • 183MB
  • 99 Non Construction Kit Vocal Wav Loops

The Extra Music Pack Incudes:

  • 511MB
  • 23 Flugel Horn Loops
  • 38 Piano Loops
  • 38 Saxophone Loops
  • 57 Trumpet Loops

Note: The extra packs contain the live solo instrument loops not associated with the construction kits

These extra samples are also included within the full Zip Main Product format.

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    Thanks to the Brilliant selection of players across this pack it's only a matter of time before someone makes a track to give St Germain a run for his money .


    What an amazing pack... I was on the hunt for some warm organic sounds and this couldn't of been more on point.


    Really wide selection of instruments and riffs and a great set of drum loops too


    Chase Buch
    This is one of the Best Sample Pack of the Year for me... Recording quality is amazing



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