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Genre: Deep House

Additional Styles: Deep House, Artist Series, and House


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

Loving the quality of Fred's synths in this pack.. some very useful patches too. Drum loops will help beef up anyone's productions and the effects in here come in very handy

Wow, very impressed with this one ! The drum loops are wicked, the Kicks are some of the best i've heard, the chords are very usable and the synth loops are dope ! Fred everything is bang on it here !!

I was looking for some-thing a little diferent and came across this gem. I was on a hunt for some really deep analogue synths and this done exactly what it said on the tin.

Everything is very user freindly, simple synth arangements which can sit perfect on a drum track still allowing the beat breath.

This packs deserve's all the attention it can get, no matter what genre of electro music production your into, there's something in here which will add to anyone's studio sample collection.

Superb Package for the House Producer!

Great set of samples here from prominent House Dj/Producer Fred everything. Of particular interest is the wide range of synth chords included in this pack. Elsewhere expect the fat drum sounds and highly polished sounds which go to make up so much of the Fred Everything production sound. Very highly recommended .

Cool sample pack, many good drum sounds that should be useful to use. Good for the drum sounds, but everything else is a bit too typical for me. I have already many sample packs with rhodes and chord samples that sound the same. I have never used synths from sample packs, but would be nice if a sample pack came out with some really different sounds. Is your typical expected pack, still good though.

lovely analog synths loops, its the quality i love and also very usefull in my music... cut them up and they still shine and integrate good.

A really good selection of samples for deeper edged productions. This was really handy for a recent deep house engineering job. A superb selection of drum loops and bass lines. Highly recommended for anyone doing deep house, tech house or house!

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