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Logic - Mix Essential Channel Strips
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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: Trap, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Electro House, Hip-Hop, House, RnB, Rock, Techno, and Urban

Loopmasters proudly present Logic Mix Essentials Channel Strips for Logic Pro 9 by Colin C from The Cell Studio. 70+ channel strips for audio tracks ranging from Aux Sends, Busses and Output channels.

The collection represents classic strip settings from Colin's 6 + years of Logic Pro use, along with brand new strips to help any skill level user make their songs more dynamic and professional. Channel Strips cover, single drum processing, drum loops, bass and synth, male and female vocals, along with aux settings, utility/correction, and master output settings.

Colin Cameron Allrich is a world class audio engineer, remixer and musician based out of his Cell Studio in Los Angeles California. Colin spent 6 years with Apple Inc as a certified Logic Pro instructor while maintaining an underground presence within the Electronic Dance community, amassing over 50 production credits on various labels worldwide from Thrive Recordings, Lost Language, and System Recordings. 

He currently runs his own boutique studio, The Cell, in Los Angeles California where his original productions and remixes for FOX's Bones, HBO's True Blood & The People's Choice Awards have all been produced, engineered and mastered by Colin himself. 

Colin's flexibility within the music industry is what has made him unique. From providing mastering services to various EDM labels, to sound design and scoring to picture, and mixing alternative rock bands, Colin brings new meaning to the term "one man army."

In Detail expect to find 84 Channel Strips broken down into three categories the first being Bus Channel strips containing 10 Dynamic Sends Channel Strips, 10 FX Aux Send Channel Strips and 5 Mix Group Buss Channel Strips. The second folder contains 53 Channel Strips for individual tracks including, 5 Bass processing, 10 Drum Loop Processing, 10 FX Processing, 5 Instrument Processing, 10 Single Drum Processing, 10 Vocal Processing and 3 Utility Channel Strips. The last folder contains 6 Output Channel Strips useful for whole mixes.

What Are Channel Strips Exactly?

In Logic Pro 9, you as a user have the availability to save the configuration of the insert lists on ANY channel in the mixer. This allows you to save any configuration of effects that created a specific sound you like for later use in other projects. Logic comes with quite a few stock ones, which you can browse either from the Media Library in the Arrange window, OR directly on the channel itself in the mixer by using the "Settings" box that is on top of every Channel. 

Adding any insert, from one of Logic's own synths (or any 3rd party plug-in for that matter) with an insert chain (say, EQ, Compression, Reverb, etc.) can be saved by using the "Settings" box to find "Save Channel Strip Setting As". This is a great way to create and store your own Channel Strips for further use on ANY Logic Pro 9 project!

Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to Logic, these Essential Mixing Channels are guaranteed to revive your Mixes whilst saving time setting up channels letting you concentrate on what is important... Making Music!

NOTE: Requires Logic Pro 9+, All additional content for Logic Pro 9.0+ and above must be installed to take full advantage of the pack

In order to take advantage of the channel strips that feature the Space Designer's "Analog Circuits" Impulse Responses, you MUST have installed the "additional content " installed from your copy of Logic 9.  To do this you will need to find your original install discs and install the ''Space Designer content'' from the installer.

NOTE: Requires Logic Pro 9+

Bus Channel Strips

  • 10 Dynamic Sends Channel Strips
  • 10 FX Aux Send Channel Strips
  • 5 Mix Group Buss Channel Strips

Track Channel Strips

  • 5 Bass processing,
  • 10 Drum Loop Processing
  • 10 FX Processing
  • 5 Instrument Processing
  • 10 Single Drum Processing
  • 10 Vocal Processing
  • 3 Utility Channel Strips

Output Channel Strips

  • 6 Output Strips for whole mixes

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Jason Nevins
Do you want to make you music sound better ? Get these channel strips ! These are amazing, indispensable settings for mixing in Logic.


Adam White
If you want to get a little more 'punch' out of your Logic studio then I'd recommend giving this a look


Marco Carola
Useful. Great for the beginners. Nice Bus Channel Strips.


Part Time Heroes
Learned a few nice new tricks, plus it's very useful for producers who are often up against it time wise.



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