In this video from - DnB's production guru Safire shows us how to get some decent bass patches happening with the Arturia Mini V, and how to layer these together to form a simple but effective bass arrangement for a DnB track he is working on.  In the video Safire talks us through the various interface areas and looks at Bass sound design.

What is the Arturia Mini V?

The Mini V is the reproduction of the Minimoog, probably the most famous synthesizer ever. It offers all the possibilities of the original synth, plus a new generation of innovative features taking the initial design to a new level. And with Arturia's proprietary technology TAE®, you have the guarantee that the sound is as pure and phat as the original.

From the star ship funk lead lines of the 70’s, to the gangster whine of mid 90’s hip-hop, the ever present Minimoog has been making its phat presence felt for over 3 decades. In partnership with Bob Moog, we decided to reproduce the legendary interface with the same look and feel than the original because of its particular "mood", and because many musicians wish to use the same interface they used in the past. But the reproduction of this synthesizer does not stop to the look and feel, we also recreated its inside characteristics…

About Safire

Safire is regarded as one of Australia’s finest Drum and Bass DJ’s who's productions have moved from strength to strength over the last 3 years. The Melbourne-based DJ/Producer has been honing his craft for the past seven years whilst running the long-standing night 'Broken Beat Assault', along with tours with international artists and putting on quality events in Melbourne for over eight years.

Since his first release in 2008 - Dream Carrier/Shadows (Climate Records), he has continued to evolve and surpass with his latest signings to Subtitles Music, Revolution Records & Dispatch Recordings. Collaborating with a number of well-known producers, including Octane & DLR, Ant TC1, Mindscape Dabs & Borderline. His deep, techy tunes have earned him well-deserved recognition across the DnB landscape.

Recent releases on the legendary Subtitles Music, and a solo artists E.P on Dispatch Recordings, plus remixes for Revolution Recordings, along with shows throughout Europe including Outlook Festival, Sun & Bass, Berlin, Manchester and Hong Kong…the future looks set to continue at a breakneck pace for Safire!