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About Logic Presets

Loopmasters royalty free logic sample packs are the ideal way to learn essential production techniques, with predefined channels, presets and settings to take your tracks to the next level. Each collection of logic presets is created by established artists, upcoming beatmakers and professional sound designers, giving you access to top level production ideas and software settings to enhance your music. Our Logic packs come with channel strips, synth presets and track templates to give you the solid foundation you need to build a track upon. Discover logic sounds for Alchemy, EFM 1, ES 2, ES E, ES M, ES P, Electric Piano and more - with channel strips covering basic utilities, bass processing, compressor channels, drum processing, effects processing, instrument processing and vocal treatment channels. Your logic samples with never have sounded better, with master and auxiliary bus sends to enlighten each group individually and collectively re-unite them! You’ll find the ideal logic preset pack for house, techno, edm, hip hop, drum & bass, downtempo and many more genres, loaded with the production elements, conventions and techniques inherent in each genre. Pick up from where we left off with pre-made projects, multi-effects and assigned controls to make your logic loops sound their best and show you how a professional sets up a mix.


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