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About Element&

Element& is the fresh beginning for Guy J as a discographer. The Malta-based electronic music leader has started a new audio library record label. His globally beloved company Lost & Found regularly releases gems by artists such as Roy Rosenfeld, Volen Sentir, Budakid, Chicola, Guy Mantzur, Eli Nissan, and other elite producers. As an alternative, Armadillo Records, Guy's second platform, focuses on home-listening electronica.

While his first two labels present the magic through top releases, this new one presents the mysteries of audio production. It's a platform where world-class producers are able to share the recordings of their audio effects, percussion loops, arpeggios, pads, atmospheric synths, thought-provoking sequences, visionary soundscapes, and much more.

This new brand isn't just about inspiring upcoming producers. It is also about helping the seasoned ones to achieve their goals faster, cleverer, and in more profound ways.

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