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About Vocals

Loopmasters offer the pinnacle of studio-quality vocal sample packs performed by professional singers and rappers, spanning the full spectrum of musical genres. We’ve got the best acapella samples recorded on high-end microphones by soul divas, MCs, choirs, indie-pop stars, rock lead singers, established rappers and more. Browse the entire collection on our site, or live in your track within our online sample browser Loopcloud. Our acapella samples are packed with inspiring lyrics, soulful tones and confident delivery embedded in vocal hooks, phrases, spoken words, shouts, adlibs and vocal fx samples. Find the perfect vocal accompaniment to your music, whether you’re remixing, covering tracks or mashing up genres - with professional vocal takes to work with. We have vocal loops delivered at tempos to fit the most popular genres, in keys which match modern productions - with chorus, verse and intro elements to build and structure your track. We have female acapellas recorded with the nuanced details only achievable using top-end microphones and preamps - to bring out the expression, dynamics and warmth essential to emotive vocals. Loopmasters know where to get vocal samples which fit your music and inspire new productions - if you need a female vocal sample pack, then we are your go-to source of vocal sounds.


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