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About IDM

Loopmasters royalty free selection of IDM samples is bursting with infectious melodies, warped drum beats and articulated percussion to deliver a braindance of psychedelic sounds to sharpen your aural reflexes. Our IDM sample packs have been crafted by big name artists, professional sound designers and upcoming beatmakers to bring you the cream of intelligent dance music. We’ve ensured that every IDM sample pack is primed with inspiring content to make your headphones and speakers come alive. Loopmasters IDM loops, samples, synth presets, sampler patches and midi patterns come with pioneering production, industrial elements and underground IDM beats to support a sub-culture of frantic sounds and leftfield experimentation. Look out for irregular time signatures, pitched-up snare rolls and counterbalanced effects - all programmed by expert knob twiddlers. Every Loopmasters idm release comes in an array of tempos and musical keys to create tracks inspired by the rave scene, incorporating acid, breakcore, jungle, techno, electronica and more to feed your head. Pick from our abstract selection of idm drum samples to give your tracks a formula free sound, with foley beats, random glitch percussion and electronic test equipment tones. Try every one of our idm sounds in Loopcloud, the online sample library packed with features synced to the key and tempo of your productions.


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