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HY2ROGEN (SAMPLES) is a sound design label founded in late 2009 by music producer, remixer and sound designer Andrei Axinte aka HY2ROGEN. Taking inspiration from the current musical trends, the label releases a variety of unique sample packs and synthesizer patches, touching different genres and always trying to deliver "THE SOUND OF NOW".
HY2ROGEN is also home for two sub-labels: Micro Pressure & Pressure Samples.
Micro Pressure delivers up to date club sounds for a small fee. From drum one shots to heavy basslines, euphoric leads, plucky additives and complex loops, MP sets out to bring you the big sounds of today in compact packs with small price tags.
Pressure Samples aims at bringing producers around the globe a more complete source of sounds. Going from construction kit type packs to huge one shot libraries, PS delivers various content with a good quality/price ratio.
Creating 99% of the label's content and with hundreds of productions and remixes under his belt, HY2ROGEN, knows what producers and remixers are looking for when searching for "that sound" and delivers top notch samples.
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